What are all the potential applications for Q by SoLVBL™?

Q by SoLVBL has use cases wherever data integrity and attribution are important. We have prioritized medical records, financial services, IoT (e.g. within supply chain) and other areas where protecting from data forgery is valuable.

Banking and payments are major use cases because of their transaction volumes (and associated values).

We’ve identified additional key applications in Media and Journalism, where trust is fleeting.

Digital forgery protection as a security layer is a broad use case. For more specific examples of this, Q by SoLVBL™ has application in enhancing SWIFT transaction security, as well as preventing data-at-rest or man-in-the-middle classes of attacks.

Q by SoLVBL™ has application at any point where trusted data is created, then stored (e.g. in any database repository) and used later—when that trust can only be assumed; Q by SoLVBL™ enables high-speed verification that the data has not changed since creation. This verification establishes critical data trust.

An Example Application: Digital Payment Instrument/Secure Cheque Replacement 

Lead cheque marketplace digitization through a Q-sealed digital cheque. Process complete in under three seconds and provides assurances meeting or exceeding those of a cashier’s cheque.

Reduce fraud and improve speed for government support payments.

  • Portable across delivery methods, networks and international borders
  • No recipient bank info needed – secure electronic money order
  • Carrying an Enhanced Remittance Information desired
  • Verifiable on the spot, without contacting Q by SoLVBL™