About Us

Seal Before Storing.

In a world ever more reliant upon increasing volumes of data, don’t let your data sealing tool slow your business down. Q-Server operates dramatically faster and with lower latency than yesterday's alternative, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)—commonly referred to as Blockchain. This in turn enables data uses and applications DLT does not support.

Interested in exploring how data integrity can help your business? We’d love to discuss how the QSeals generated by Q-Server can protect you from digital forgery and what that means for trust.

  • Unprecedented Speed & Reliability

    Using cryptographic and enhanced blockchain technologies, Q-Server provides the QSeals used in data verification at unprecedented speeds.

  • Confidentiality Maintained

    Q-Server is able to deliver the QSeals required for assured data integrity without needing a copy of the data being tamper sealed.

  • Cost Effective Implementation & Operation

    The API for Q-Server can be integrated with existing applications in a straightforward manner, wherever data is created, stored or used. 

Q-Server, Scalable to any amount of data

Q-Server, being cloud based, can scale to meet any amount data needing to be sealed. Q-Server also maintains a record of each submission in immutable storage and this, in concert with the QSeals themselves, allows users to:

• Independently audit the submitted record set to ensure no sealed records are missing and that no seals are missing.