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QSeal Before Storing. Verify Before Using.

In a world ever more reliant upon increasing volumes of data, don’t let your data verification tool slow your business down. QSeals are used to verify previously sealed data locally and at very high speeds. They can also be sent with the original data to the recipient of a data transfer to provide absolute confidence that no corruption or forgery occurred during transmission.

Interested in exploring how data integrity can help your business? We’d love to discuss how QSeals can mitigate digital forgery and what that means for trust.

  • Unprecedented Speed & Reliability

    Using cryptographic and enhanced blockchain technologies, QSeals are generated by our cloud based Q-Server at much higher speeds and lower latencies than competing solutions.

  • Confidentiality Maintained

    QSeals provide assured data integrity without the data being sealed ever leaving your systems.

  • Cost Effective Implementation & Operation

    QSeals may be integrated with existing applications in a straightforward manner, wherever data is created, stored or used. 

QSeals Enable Scalable and Immutable Data Verification

QSeals are a unique digital seal for each submitted record. The QSeal, in combination with the record for which it was issued, can be used by a client application to:

• Prove the record has not been altered since the QSeal was issued.

• Link the record to  an identity.


Additional uses for the Q seals are limited only by the scope of the Client Application!