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Governments around the world are imposing requirements to safeguard PI and PHI.

Personal Information (PI) and Personal Health Information (PHI) are generated or updated during any interaction between a medical practitioner and a patient. This information is increasingly being captured as digital data for very good reasons i.e. accuracy, portability, clarity, ease of handling and storage, etc.  Unfortunately new risks come along with these benefits as storing this data in electronic format opens up new attack surfaces for cyber attackers.  Recognizing this, the governmental bodies responsible  are mandating this data be safeguarded by the custodians of the data. Q can be used along with existing cyber defences to mitigate: 

  • Ransomware Attacks

    So you've recovered from a ransomware attack but what if the ransom was not the main objective? How would you know if PI or PHI had been changed during the attack? Q provides immutable seals to allow trustless verification that sealed data has not been changed.

  • Rogue Authorized Users

    The best perimeter and access security on the planet cannot protect against an authorized user going rogue. Even in this case, Q's immutable seals allow you to maintain trust in the PI or PHI that had been sealed prior to the attack.

  • Accidental Data Corruption

    Data corruption can occur through hardware failure or user error. Q's immutable seals can be used to identify the PI or PHI data that has been damaged and allow for targeted recovery from verified backups.

Protect and Differentiate Yourself

Using Q by SoLVBL to seal PI and PHI  data as part of your Data Security measures allows you to demonstrate a best in class approach to securing patient data. Given patient and governmental concerns about the safe storage of this data, taking this extra step will set you apart from your competition and demonstrate an increased due diligence aspect in the event you do get hacked.