Medical Records


Over 20 years ago the Canadian government formed a public/private company whose mandate was to bring Canadian healthcare systems into the digital realm. The deputy ministers of health for the 10 provinces, three territories and the federal government make up the Members of the Canada Health Infoway Corporation which is a not-for-profit corporation solely funded by the Federal government.

Under this enlightened leadership great strides have been made in digitizing access to health care and this was especially evident during the COVID pandemic over the past two years. Virtual physician visits, on-line prescriptions and on-line test results all drove the need for PI/PHI(Personal Information/Personal Health Information) to become even more prevalent. Along with this increased need came an increased awareness of the requirement to protect PI/PHIs from unauthorized access, modification and deletion, as evidenced by the following excerpts from Canada Health Infoway’s Digital Health Solutions Procurement Toolkit:

  • Requirement PS-4 Protection of Log Information: Logs must be protected against tampering and unauthorized access, and appropriate safeguards must be in place to protect sensitive information contained within the logs.
  • Requirement PS-7 Privacy Safeguards: The solution should have administrative, technical and physical safeguards in place to prevent theft, loss and unauthorized access, copying, modification, use, disclosure or disposal of data.
  • Requirement PS-10 Audit of All Activity Involving PI/PHI: The Bidder should describe the solution’s ability to record every access, modification and disclosure of PI/PHI, together with the time and identity of the accessing user.

Q by SoLVBL provides an immutable seal based on cryptographic and blockchain technologies that enables detection of changes to PI/PHI in a secure and scalable fashion. Our simple network based API allows easy integration into mobile and web clients for maximum implementation flexibility. All of this is done without any of the PI/PHI data leaving your systems!  Sound interesting?  Please reach out via this contact form or call 416-688-5994 for more info.