Q by SoLVBL™’s Patent-Pending Technology

So… what technology does this replace?

Q by SoLVBL™ operates dramatically faster and at lower latency than the alternative today, Digital Ledger Technology (DLT)—commonly referred to as Blockchain. This in turn enables data uses and applications DLT does not support. 

The Q by SoLVBL™ protocol produces a unique digital seal for each submitted record. This seal, in correlation with the record for which it was issued, can be used to:

  1. Prove the record has not been altered since the seal was issued
  2. Link the record to the possessor of a private signing key, i.e. an identity
  3. Determine relative ordering of records sealed in this manner
  4. Uniquely identify an instance of the record by way of its seal (each seal reflects an instance)