How does this differ from competitor technology? What makes this technology unique?

Q by SoLVBL™’s patented protocol leverages mature and well-tested cryptographic primitives to provide its assurances. While it leverages a decentralized technology for one aspect of its workings, it does so in a manner which avoids the limiting throughput and latency constraints that plague Blockchain or Distributive Ledger Technologies (DLT).

The result is a technology that can process vast amounts of records per second, with essentially constant (low) latency. Use cases that could not be conceivable with alternatives become feasible with a system that can process hundreds of thousands of records per second on commodity hardware.

Additional benefits to the protocol:

  • Enhanced confidentiality: 
    • User data (i.e. the processed records) are never exposed to Q by SoLVBL™; they never even leave the client’s system. 
    • Seals can be transmitted, along with the records they’re associated with, to a 3rd party – who can verify them independently, without recourse to Q by SoLVBL™.
  • Cost effective operation: 
    • The transmission and storage footprint required to use the protocol is very small. 
  • Ease of implementation: 
    • Q by SoLVBL™ interacts with its clients through an API and calls for minimal integration impact on existing systems, while enabling new architectures leveraging its advantages.